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Taizhou Ruijie Molding Co., Ltd.

RJ Mould is one reliable and professional mould manufacturer in China. Our product line covers bucket mould, crate mould, chair mould, preform mould, cap mould, automotive mould etc.
The factory was established by first crew of mould engineers who started making moulds since 2000.
At RJ Mould, we provide customers with one-stop solutions from product design, mould design and manufacturing. We use UG / CAD / CAM/ CAE for mould and product design. Our factory has various CNC machining centers, milling machines, CNC engraving Machines, electric spark(EDM), wire-cutters and other equipments.
RJ Mould has a strong moulding technical team to make sure to provide our customers with high quality mould and competitive mould price.
Our moulds and products were already exported to over 20 countries, such as America, France, Italy, Romania, Ecuador, Ghana, Japan, Vietnam and so on.
RJ Mould focuses on quality, on-time delivery and after-sale service.

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What Are Chair Moulds?
Chair moulds refer to the molds used to make chairs. These molds are typically made of materials like metal, plastic, or fiberglass and are used in the process of manufacturing chairs through techniques such as injection molding or blow molding. The chair moulds are shaped in such a way that when the liquid plastic is poured into them, it solidifies into the desired shape of a chair. The use of chair molds allows for the mass production of chairs, ensuring consistency in size, shape, and design, and making the manufacturing process more efficient and cost-effective.
Advantages of the Chair Mould
There are several advantages to using chair moulds in the manufacturing process of chairs:
1. Consistency in size and shape: Chair moulds ensure that each chair produced is of the same size and shape, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or corrections.
2. Cost-effective: Mass-producing chairs using moulds is more cost-effective than manual production methods, as it reduces the need for labor and manual intervention.
3. High productivity: With the use of moulds, chairs can be produced at a faster rate, increasing the overall productivity of the manufacturing process.
4. Improved quality: Chair moulds allow for precise and uniform distribution of material, resulting in improved strength, durability, and quality of the chairs.
5. Customization: Chair moulds can be designed to produce chairs of different shapes, sizes, and designs, enabling customization of products according to customer preferences.
6. Reduced waste: The use of moulds helps reduce the amount of waste generated during the production process, as any excess material can be easily reused.
7. Enhanced safety: The use of moulds reduces the need for manual handling of materials, which in turn reduces the risk of accidents and improves the overall safety of the manufacturing process.
The role of the Chair Mould
The role of chair moulds is to provide a form or shape for the chair during the manufacturing process. The mould acts as a negative of the final product, and the liquid plastic or other material is poured into it. As the material cools and solidifies, it takes on the shape of the mould, forming the desired chair.
The chair mould is a critical component of the manufacturing process, as it determines the size, shape, and design of the final product. Without the use of a chair mould, it would be much more difficult to achieve the consistency and accuracy required for the mass production of chairs.
In addition to determining the final shape of the chair, the chair mould also helps to distribute the material evenly and strengthen the structure of the chair. The use of chair moulds allows manufacturers to produce chairs quickly, cost-effectively, and to a high standard, ensuring that customers receive consistent, quality products.