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Taizhou Ruijie Molding Co., Ltd.

RJ Mould is one reliable and professional mould manufacturer in China. Our product line covers bucket mould, crate mould, chair mould, preform mould, cap mould, automotive mould etc.
The factory was established by first crew of mould engineers who started making moulds since 2000.
At RJ Mould, we provide customers with one-stop solutions from product design, mould design and manufacturing. We use UG / CAD / CAM/ CAE for mould and product design. Our factory has various CNC machining centers, milling machines, CNC engraving Machines, electric spark(EDM), wire-cutters and other equipments.
RJ Mould has a strong moulding technical team to make sure to provide our customers with high quality mould and competitive mould price.
Our moulds and products were already exported to over 20 countries, such as America, France, Italy, Romania, Ecuador, Ghana, Japan, Vietnam and so on.
RJ Mould focuses on quality, on-time delivery and after-sale service.

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What Is Plastic Mould Maker?
A plastic mould maker is a skilled professional who designs and creates molds used in the manufacturing of plastic products. They use specialized tools and machinery to create precise and accurate molds that can be used to produce large quantities of plastic products. These molds can be used for a wide range of products, from small and simple items like bottle caps to larger and more complex items like automotive parts.
Benefits of the Plastic Mould Maker
A plastic mold maker is responsible for creating molds that are used in the production of plastic products. Some benefits of working with a skilled plastic mold maker include:
1. Cost savings: A skilled plastic mold maker can design molds that reduce production costs and increase efficiency.
2. Improved quality: Molds created by a skilled plastic mold maker are often of higher quality and can help ensure that the final product is produced consistently.
3. Customization: A plastic mold maker can create custom molds that are tailored to a specific product or application.
4. Faster turnaround time: With the right expertise, a plastic mold maker can create molds quickly and efficiently, reducing lead times for production.
5. Expert advice: A plastic mold maker can provide valuable advice on material selection, design, and production processes, helping to optimize the overall manufacturing process.
The role of the Plastic Mould Maker
A Plastic Mould Maker is responsible for designing and producing molds used in the manufacturing process of plastic products. They work closely with engineers, designers, and manufacturers to create molds that are precise, efficient, and cost-effective.
The key responsibilities of a Plastic Mould Maker include:
1. Interpreting design drawings and specifications to produce molds that meet the required standards.
2. Selecting appropriate materials and tooling techniques to create molds that are durable and capable of producing high-quality parts.
3. Using manual and computer-controlled equipment to produce molds, including milling machines, lathes, and EDM machines.
4. Conducting quality checks on molds to ensure that they meet specified tolerances and requirements.
5. Troubleshooting any issues that may arise during the mold production process.
6. Making modifications to molds as required to improve their performance or to address any production issues.
7. Maintaining accurate records and documentation of mold production activities.
In summary, the role of a Plastic Mould Maker is critical to the success of the plastic manufacturing process, as they play a key role in ensuring that molds are produced to the highest quality standards and are capable of producing high-quality parts that meet customer requirements.