About Us

RJ Mould is one reliable and professional mould manufacturer in China. Our product line covers bucket mould, crate mould, chair mould, preform mould, cap mould, automotive mould etc.
The factory was established by first crew of mould engineers who started making moulds since 2000.

customized plastic mould manufacturers and plastic mold injection service factory in China

, RJ Mould provide customers with one-stop solutions from product design, mould design and manufacturing. We use UG / CAD / CAM/ CAE for mould and product design. Our factory has various CNC machining centers, milling machines, CNC engraving Machines, electric spark(EDM), wire-cutters and other equipments...
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Why Choose Us ?

Quality Control
100% Excellent Quality Control (guarantee Hig hprecision mold and long mold life )
20+Years Experience In Mold Manufacturing And Injection Molding.
OEM&ODM Services
Highly Customization Service. We have strong design&technical teams to support your new projects.
Fast Delivery
Mold Can Be Delivered As Fast As 15 Days
Provided Mold Flow Analysis, DFM Analysis, Mold Tooling timing etc.
Quick Response
27x7 Online Service (Quote & Technical Supports)
Competitive Pricing (No Middleman)

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