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What is The Secret to Making Auto Parts Last Longer?

What is the secret to making auto parts last longer?

First of all, it is the cylinder of the automobile engine. The inner cylinder gasket should be paid attention to when installing, and it must not be installed reversely, otherwise it will be easily damaged. The fan blades of the engine can not be installed reversely, which will cause a series of serious consequences. The second thing to consider is the car filter. Although it is not the core device of the car, it should be cleaned and maintained in time to avoid affecting its filtering effect.

When it comes to cleaning, you have to say the same thing in detail. If you use a paper air filter, you must avoid using oil for cleaning. There are also such regulations for some leather parts in cars. Some parts are for one-time use, so they need to be replaced in time to avoid even greater accidents.

In many types of auto parts, spark plugs are usually easily overlooked, but they are very important in the entire car. Is there anything that I need to pay attention to when using this kind of parts?

After long-term driving of the vehicle, carbon deposits in the spark plug will be generated, which is normal. But remember to clean up the carbon deposits in time to avoid direct impact on its normal use after accumulating more and more. But the cleaning is not random, it should be immersed in gasoline, and use a brush to remove the dirt.

At the same time, spark plugs can also have a service life, not only when they are broken, they need to be replaced. In addition to different shapes and sizes, spark plugs are also divided into three types: cold, medium, and hot. Therefore, you must be careful when selecting them. Generally, they are based on the type of automobile engine.

In addition, the spark plug must be installed in compliance with the specified torque. Excessive force or excessive force will damage the porcelain core of the spark plug or cause the screw to slide, causing it to not be used normally.

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