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Technical Knowledge Points of Auto Part Mould Hot Runner System

Auto Part Mould Hot Runner System is understood as an extension of the injection molding machine. The function of the hot runner system is to transfer the thermoplastic melt to the vicinity of the forming mold or directly into the mold. Contact the "cold" mold. Hot runner molds have been successfully used to process a variety of plastic materials, and plastic materials that can be processed with cold runner molds can also be processed with hot runner molds.

The smallest part is below 0.1 grams and the largest is above 30 kilograms. Hot runner molds are widely used in electronics, automobiles, medical, daily necessities, toys, packaging, construction, office equipment and other fields.

A successful hot runner mold application project requires multiple links to ensure.

The most important of these are two technical factors: one is the control of plastic temperature;

The second is the control of plastic flow.

A typical hot runner system consists of the following components: 1) hot runner plate (MANIFOLD); 2) nozzle (NOZZLE); 3) temperature controller; 4) auxiliary components.

Advantages of hot runner mold:

1. Shorten the molding cycle of parts;

2. Save plastic raw materials;

3. Reduce waste and improve product quality;

4. Eliminate follow-up procedures, which is conducive to production automation;

5. Expand the application range of injection molding process.

At the same time, there are also shortcomings such as rising mold costs, high manufacturing process equipment requirements, and complex operation and maintenance. In more developed countries and regions, the production of hot runner molds is extremely active, and the proportion of hot runner molds in production continues to rise. Even some small mold factories with less than 10 people are also producing hot runner molds. However, my country's research on hot runner technology has just begun. The scope of application is limited to large enterprises, and the design capability is relatively blank. Therefore, studying the application of this technology is of great significance to Plastic Mould Suppliers.